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Welcome to the Elite Game Staff Application Page!
Please take the time to read the contents of this page as it will greatly benefit your application if you do choose to apply.

About Us

An Elite Game Network Staff member is someone for whom the pursuit of equity and excellence– both in life and in game –is a way of life.

If this describes you, we’re happy that you would like to join our team!

Before Applying

While our staff team is a host to individuals of diverse talents, backgrounds, and experiences they all share many things in common: they are highly motivated, have a strong vision for the future, and are willing to advance their horizons on a daily basis.

Our committee reviews applicants based on a variety of criteria including: their competency with the game, their disciplinary record, and previous experiences. And while we expect our staff members to demonstrate an exceptional aptitude for carrying out the technical aspects of their jobs, our ideal candidates also possess an innate ability to connect and build trust with others through compassion, respect, and integrity.


We do not allow any exceptions to any requirements. We do this to maintain the integrity of our process, quality of our staff team, and quality of our application pool. Please do not apply if you do not meet the standard requirements. Doing so could result in an application blacklist.

Applicants must

  • Be 16 years of age
  • Have three months of active involvement in our community
  • Have a perfect record demonstrating their maturity
  • Have Discord, a valid Email, and a EGN forum account

Optional Prerequisites–These will not have any bearing on your application but will offer a differentiation factor when multiple strong applications are considered.

  • Former staff experience
  • Written recommendations from existing staff members
  • Total vote count
  • Forum posts/Forum upvotes and downvotes

Departmental Prerequisites 

Moderation Team

Our moderation team fosters teamwork and the ability to build strong connections with the community. In order to ensure that staff members reflect the community and values they serve, EGN is dedicated to accepting applicants, who are mindful in their words, actions, thoughts especially in high-intensity situations.

Development Team

Our guiding principles are, versatility, practicality, and a broad and strong foundation in the area of technology. Applicants should have a strong sense of self-motivation for perfection and improvement, they should also demonstrate a high degree of competency in a relevant coding language. Applicants should be willing to give and receive constructive criticism that betters the team.

– Java
– Prior experience with making Minecraft plugins
– Experience with working with discord.js or
– Linux

Build Team

While a key attribute for a member of our build team is creativity, teamwork is the core to a successful build team. Applicants must demonstrate an aptitude for large scale builds and a strong attention to the smaller details of their projects.

The Process

  1. Written application – This is the first step in the application process. The written application includes demographic information and questions that help the committee determine the eligibility of an individual
    • If you plan on submitting written recommendations from existing staff members, please have them contact the application committee
    • Total vote count and forum statistics do not need to be submitted as the committee will check these as applications are reviewed
  2. Voice interview – If your written application best reflects the values of the Elite Game Network, you will be requested to find a time for a voice interview.

The timing of the submission of and application does not affect chances of receiving an interview invitation. Instead, the committee reviews applications


All accepted applicants will undergo a period of integration into our team that includes specialized training and mentorship.


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