Rules & Ethics

Elite Game Network Policies
The Elite Game Network is in no shape or form owned, operated by, or affiliated with ‘Mojang’ or ‘Microsoft’

The Elite Game Minecraft Network was founded on the principle of providing a quality Minecraft gaming experience. To ensure that this experience remains positive, we have set forth a list of policies or ‘rules’ that must be followed. By playing on EGN and any servers affiliated with EGN, you have agreed to all the policies listed herein.

Interpretation of policies is subject to the discretion of staff.

General Policies

Regarding Swearing:
Swearing/Usage of explicit language is not permitted on the EGN Network.

Regarding Chat Spam:
Spamming in chat is not permitted.

Regarding Disrespect:
Disrespect towards players is not permitted. This includes trash-talking, toxicity, and insulting phrases.

Regarding Inappropriate Names/Skins:
Are not allowed. You will be given one warning to change them before a ban will be instituted.

Regarding Inappropriate Builds
Are not permitted. These will result in a permanent ban. Any builds that endorse discrimination towards a group of people, or promote inappropriate messages will be removed.

Regarding Rioting:
Is not permitted and will warrant a ban.

Regarding Staff Disrespect:
Disrespect towards staff members is not permitted. This includes back-talking towards staff, purposely trying to provoke unnecessary staff intervention in a situation, harassing staff in direct messages, and general disrespect towards a staff member.

Regarding Harassment:
Is not permitted.

Regarding Promotion of non-affiliated servers:
Is not permitted, this includes other:
❏Minecraft Servers ❏ Gaming Servers ❏ Non-endorsed social media accounts


Malicious threats are not permitted and will warrant a permanent ban from all platforms. This includes but is not limited to,

  • DDOS/DOS Threats
  • Dox Threats
  • Pizza Bomb/SWAT Threats
  • Threats that would invoke harm on someone

Punishment Evasion:

Is not permitted and will result in a punishment extension of 30 days (for that punishment type) or permanent ban where applicable. This includes, but is not limited to,
❏ Ban Evasion
❏ Mute Evasion

Third-Party Clients:
We do not permit client side modifications that give unfair advantages in terms of gameplay movement, combat, or speed of play.

Modifications/Clients we permit:

  • Optifine
  • Badlion
  • Lunar Client
  • Cheat Breaker
  • 5-Zig
  • Keystrokes Mod
  • GUIs/HUDs displaying CPS/FPS/Armor and Potion Status
  • Mini-maps
  • Schematica (On Select Servers)

Any other modifications are considered blacklisted. If you believe a client should be whitelisted please make a suggestion on the forums here

Alternate Accounts:
Commonly referred to as ‘alts’ or ‘alt accounts’. The maximum number of alternate accounts is 5.

Third party accounts are also not permitted. Your accounts must be obtained through Mojang’s official web-store

For game mode specific policies please refer to: