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Season 1 | Rules

All General EGN Rules and Policies are advised. To see those, click here


EGN Factions Season 1 Rules
February 8th, 2020


a) These rules are subject to change at any time and it is the responsibility of the players and faction leaders to keep up to date with the rules.
b) Punishments and interpretations of the rules are subject to the discretion of staff.

Strike System:
Our factions server implements a strike system that tracks infractions committed by factions. Once a faction has reached 10 strikes they will be disbanded.

Warnings are also given for lesser offenses. Three warnings constitute a strike.

First Strike: n/a
Any Subsequent Strikes: -5% of total faction value from FTOP

Base Defense Rules:

  1. Regen walls and chests are prohibited
    • Punishment: 1 Strike
  2. Wilderness Patching
    • Patching into wilderness is prohibited
      • Punishment: 1 Strike
  3. Illegal Defensive Blocks - You are not allowed to use the following blocks as base defenses
    • Cactus
    • Enchantment Tables
    • End Portal Frames
    • Brewing Stands
    • Variants of Chest Blocks
    • Levers
    • Buttons
    • Variants of Doors
    • Soulsand
    • Torches
    • Variants of Fence Blocks
    • Pistons
      • Punishment 2 Strikes
  4. Covering Spawners - Is prohibited
    • If you are placing spawners in a box, it must be larger than 3x3 blocks
      • Punishment: 2 Strikes
  5. Buffer
    • Your buffer is the distance from your first wall to your last wall
    • Buffers may only be up to 20 chunks
      • Punishment: 2 Strikes
  6. Patching walls with Schematica/Printer during an active raid is prohibited
    • Punishment: 3 Strikes and 45% FTOP value given to opposing faction
  7. Patching with GenBuckets during an active raid is prohibited
    • Punishment: 3 Strikes and 45% FTOP value given to opposing faction
  8. Mining spawners during an active raid/cutoff period
    • From the minute the opposing faction begins firing and seven minutes after their last shot you may not mine spawners
      • Punishment: 3 Strikes
  9. Raid detectors
    • Using a streaming service or other means externally (not being present at your walls) to detect raids is prohibited
      • Punishment: 4 Strikes



  1. Raid Claims
    • Raid Claims must be kept to 64 chunks at maximum
      • Punishment: Warning
  2. B-Claims
    • Claiming within another factions buffer limit during grace period
    • Claiming next to a faction to prevent them from obtaining a full buffer before grace
      • Punishment: 2 Warnings


  1. Speed
    • Cannon speed must be kept to 2 seconds
      • Punishment: 2 Warnings
  2. Multi-Wall Shooters
    • You may only shoot one wall per shot
      • Punishment: 2 Warnings
  3. Multiple Cannons
    • You may only have one cannon firing per raid
    • If you have more than one set up for backup, you must wait (12) minutes before switching
      • Punishment: 1 Strike
  4. Lag Cannons
    • Cannons that are built with the intention of lagging the server are prohibited
      • Punishment: Disband
  5. Left/Right Shooting
    • You may only left and right shoot when you have breached a factions box
    • You may only left and right shoot when countering
      • Punishment: Raided faction will be rolled back and 1 Strike issued
  6. Roof Cannoning
    • Roof cannons are not permitted unless the faction that is being raided has a roof below Y:255
      • Punishment: 1 Strike
  7. Regarding 1-Stackers
    • Are allowed but do not constitute an active raid
  8. AFK-Raiding
    • You are not allowed to set up a clock of any type to auto fire your cannon.
    • If you are using a 'button-spam' system the 'button-spammer' must be present at all times
      • Punishment: 3 Strikes
  9. Raid Leeching
    • You are not allowed to leech value off of another factions raid. If faction A raids faction  B, then Faction C, D, E, or F etc cannot take the value of the raided faction B.
      • Punishment: 3 Strikes and -10% FTOP Value deduction

Other Rules:

  1. Hiding Value
    • You are not permitted to hide your value (spawners) in unclaimed vaults
      • Punishment: 2 Strikes
  2. Regarding Merging
    • Although we discourage merges out of the desire to ensure competitiveness merging is allowed as long as staff are notified by means of a ticket
  3. Scripting
    • Using macros to grind is not permitted. This does not include auto clickers as those are per-player punishments.
      • Punishment: Disband and Permanent Ban for perpetrators
  4. Illegal Homes
    • Setting homes in other factions bases is not permitted
      • Punishment: 1 Warning
  5. Scattering Spawners
    • Scattering spawners throughout a base in an incoherent manner is not permitted
      • Punishment: 2 Warnings
  6. Insiding
    • Is not permitted
      • Punishment: Perm-ban for perpetrator (or 30 days)




Find me here If you have any questions or concerns feel free to talk to other staff 🙂

-Reserving Spot-

Find me here If you have any questions or concerns feel free to talk to other staff 🙂